My First Blog!

Hi everyone! Oh, how exciting, my first blog! I am completely new to the world of blogging, but have been inspired to create one all of my own. I don’t know if anyone will find it interesting/helpful at all, but I thought it would be nice to have a place to voice some of my thoughts/feelings etc etc.

So I thought this first entry could just be a little introduction to me and my life. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Stacy (as if you can’t tell from my username), I’m 26 years old and I live in beautiful Scotland. I am currently single, and not looking (more info about that may come in a future entry!). I’m currently a student studying one of the health professions (I won’t say too much about that, due to confidentiality! Sorry, but we do have that drummed into us on an almost daily basis by our lecturers). However due to certain circumstances (which I won’t detail in this first entry), I am possibly going to be taking some time out of uni in the very near future – i.e. I need to secure a job before I can do so. I moved away from home (which is still in Scotland!) last September for uni, and my first year in uni was fantastic! I met some lovely people and had some great experiences which I will never forget.

I love photography, and when I have spare time and the weather is agreeable, I love nothing more than going out for a walk with the camera, or taking a drive to a gorgeous location and getting lost in the moment Recently I haven’t been using the camera as much as I would like to, but I am determined to get back to it soon! I also started cross-stitching a couple of years ago, and I’m currently working on a large piece! It’s Beauty and the Beast: Falling in Love, and is based on the Thomas Kinkade painting. When it’s finished, it should look like this:

This is what the finished piece should look like

This is what the finished piece should look like

And this is my progress so far:

My current progress with the piece!

My current progress with the piece!

So it’s getting there, but is taking a very long time! My plan once it is complete is to get it framed and hang it up somewhere with pride! 🙂 This is the biggest piece I have done to date, so it will feel great when it’s finished.

Back home my family include my mum, dad and little brother. My gran and papa also live with us, and we have two dogs. Our older dog is called Rocky. He’s a cross-collie/terrier and he’s 13 years old. Poor thing is now blind due to his diabetes, but he seems to be managing well with it. Our youngest dog is Bodie. He just turned 1 year old, and is a Jack Russell. He is the most adorable dog ever, and is extremely mischievous! Here’s one of my favourite photos of the two of them:

My two boys :)

My two boys 🙂

Ok, so that’s a little bit of information about me! Now for what my blog will contain…well I can honestly say it will be full of random entries, with general musings about my days/week, my feelings, and some rants too! I’ll also highlight any of my favourite products if I feel I have to rave about anything 🙂 If there is anything in particular you would like to see me write about, or if you want to contact me please feel free to do so either in the comments or you can email me at

To end this first entry, I’ll share some of my favourites from today:                                         – Charlee Drew. He was the supporting act when I went to see 5ive at the weekend, and he is fantastic! I met him after the concert and bought his album which he signed for me, and he’s just such a lovely, down to earth guy 🙂 So if you haven’t heard his music, I definitely recommend having a listen!

– My advent calendar! Of course! I love Christmas, so opening my advent calendar every day is always exciting. It’s a Malteser one, and the chocolates are very yummy – the only thing that would improve it would be if each door contained an actual malteser, with biscuit and everything! But hey, that’s just me.

– Cosy jumpers! My flat can get really cold, so I love nothing more than getting cosy on the sofa with a nice thick, wooly jumper. I bought a few from Primark recently, including a Christmas jumper which is navy and has “I ❤ Santa” on the front. It’s just so warm, and comfortable 🙂

– Hot drinks. Again, due to it being winter and so cold, I am loving having more cups of tea, and the occassional hot chocolate from Caffe Nero (which is the best hot chocolate ever!). My choice of teabag is Twining’s English Breakfast Tea, and I like my tea very milky – baby tea as my friends/family call it. Yum yum!

Ok, so that is it, my first blog entry is done! I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit more about me, and will stay tuned to hear more. As I said above, comments are very much welcome 🙂

Have a lovely, cosy Wednesday night everyone! Goodnight 🙂 x


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