Christmas is Coming!!

Hi everyone!

Christmas is a mere 3 sleeps away, and I am feeling very relaxed and festive now!! I am at home with the family which is always fab, have finished all my Christmas shopping and we even had a little snow today – what more could a girl ask for? πŸ™‚ My mum and I have done a few present drop-offs so far, and only have one more to do, which will be tomorrow, and we are also going to collect our delicious turkey from M&S tomorrow morning – so organised I know!

So to get myself feeling even more festive/excited and hopefully you too, I thought I would give you a little information about what happens on my typical Christmas Day with the family:

I used to always be the first person awake on Christmas morning, and would wake my little brother up before we pounced on my parents! However, we now have a diabetic dog who needs an injection of insulin twice a day, the first being around 7am. On Christmas morning, my mum gets up to do this injection and basically stays awake until we come downstairs. I still have to wake my brother and dad though, and we can spend around 15-20 minutes getting dad to wake up, get dressed and go to the bathroom! My dad is the only person in the family who changes his clothes to come downstairs – we all stay in our pj’s (it’s the best way really??). Anyhoo, once dad is finished, we all head downstairs together and say Merry Christmas to each other, and the first thing I do is get the Christmas tunes on! I am an organiser, and so I begin by handing out the presents that are underneath the tree. These presents are from my brother and I, to mum and dad, and presents to us all from other family members. I start getting my presents into a pile by the radiator (because I’m always really cold!). I like to watch my parents opening their presents before I open any so I can see their reactions. Once all of my presents are in my pile I will then start opening them – I’m usually the last person to start unwrapping! We also get our dogs presents every year which we wrap up, and once we have all finished opening our own presents we will bring them out and the dogs open them themselves which is hilarious to watch!! πŸ™‚

After the present opening is finished, my dad usually makes us some breakfast and a cup of tea (much needed by this point!). We all then sit and go through what we’ve been given, and if there’s anything we can play with/use/test we will do this now!

My gran and papa (granddad) will pop through shortly after to wish us Merry Christmas. (My grandparents live in a “granny flat” or annex which we had built onto the side of our house).We then start to tidy things away, as we have some of the family round for Christmas dinner. In between the tidying up, we usually have phonecalls from the rest of the family wishing us Merry Christmas, thanking us for their presents and asking what we got. Once all the phonecalls are done we can start getting dressed for the day!

Around about 1-2pm my auntie and uncle will arrive, and we have a second round of present opening with them and my gran and papa – this round of present opening is usually quite chaotic as there are so many people handing out presents! But it makes it so much more fun πŸ™‚ Another spell of tidying up follows this, before we can finally start making our Christmas dinner. If anyone is interested to know, our Christmas dinner menu for this year is as follows:

Starter: Bruschetta; Garlic Bread; or homemade soup

Main Course: Turkey served with one scoop of haggis (we don’t like stuffing and this is a fantastic, tasty alternative!), roast postatoes, pigs in blankets and vegetables with a turkey gravy.

Dessert: Chocolate yule log served with either ice cream or whipped cream; apple pies with double cream or custard; steamed pudding; or meringue nests

We have bought in some Prosecco to have alongside our dinner too, and I think my mum plans to buy some strawberries to pop in our glasses too, for that little extra something.

The Christmas songs stay on all day long (no one gets to touch the ipod apart from me!). After dinner we usually relax for a little while before the board games or cards are brought out for some after-dinner entertainment! The choice of board game for the past couple of years has been Deal or No Deal – everyone seems to love it. Me on the other hand, I seem to be really really bad, so it’s not my favourite! But it is still a lot of fun to play with the family πŸ™‚

And that is really about it for our Christmas Day. The family don’t usually stay too late – everyone is pretty tired quite early on, so they head off to relax in their own homes, whilst we tidy up and have another drink or two before we head to bed too.

We tend to have Christmas at our house every year now, as our oldest dog is now blind (it breaks my heart when he walks into things!), and he would get very confused if we took him somewhere else that he wasn’t familiar with. But I actually prefer having it here, as we get to relax a bit more!

I would love to know what everyone is doing for Christmas! Do you have any family traditions that you do each year? What is on your Christmas wish list?

I am also hoping to vlog my Christmas Day!!! This will be my first EVER vlog, so if I think it’s decent enough, I will try and post a link to it on here if you would like to watch it πŸ™‚ And then I will try to start vlogging on a weekly/fortnightly basis after that.

My next post will now be after Christmas, so I hope you all have a fantastic time with lots of love, laughs and festive cheer!

Thanks for reading guys, look forward to speaking to you all again very soon πŸ™‚



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