Job Hunting Frustration

Hi everyone!

I promised a blog post today, and it may be a little bit late, but here it is!

As you can see from the title of this post, I am having a very frustrating time when it comes to job hunting. I have applied for soooooo many jobs now, and I can’t even begin to describe how soul destroying it is when you hear nothing back from these places. I know that most companies have too many applications to deal with, but it really would be nice to at least have a final yes or no. I’ve never really found it difficult to get a job before, and I do have a lot of skills and experience which have always gone in my favour, but this time it is becoming a bit of a chore! But, I am trying to keep positive, and I’m carrying out job searches and applying for several jobs every single day, so something will come up soon I am sure of it 🙂

Speaking of positive thinking, I have noticed that so many people have been suffering in January from the winter blues. My family have seemed so miserable, and the negative thinking I am around every day can get quite hard to bare at times. I try to be a positive person, and keep myself upbeat, but when you are surrounded so much by negativity from family and friends (and an anxiety disorder on top of that), it really does rub off on you! I try to do what I can to help, whether it’s just helping out around the house, or treating my parents to a little something – literally a “little” something, as I’m out of work right now! 🙂 I also try to keep my own space, my bedroom looking as nice as I can, keeping it colourful and happy. I feel like this makes me relax a lot more when I’m in my room and can actually help with my anxiety a bit too.

On another rather random topic, I have to comment on a show I watched tonight for the first time – Cheapskates. I am very much a believer in saving money where you can – times are hard right now and I totally understand that… however, that show took being a cheapskate to a whole new level! I sometimes comment on the fact that my dad and granddad are cheapskates – they don’t like to fork out a lot of money to get better quality items, and in return they end up with something cheap that will not last. But that is like talking to a brick wall! But this show, involved a woman who had one lightbulb in her home….1 bulb! Which she would carry from room to room, to save on electricity. She would turn the TV off during commercials, used the dishwasher to “cook” a lasagne…words fail me. I think the thing that got to me most was that none of these people were broke – they all had decent jobs with a good wage coming in – one woman was in fact a millionaire! Yet they all went to these extreme measures to avoid spending money. Each to their own and all that, but surely there comes a point where you just can’t be enjoying life to the fullest when you are worrying so much about money. Sometimes you just have to say “life is too short” and stop worrying about the little things! (Yeah, makes total sense coming from the girl who would worry about every little thing she can think of!!!)

But hey, that’s just my opinion, and if these people are enjoying their lives and are happy, then who am I to say anything about it 🙂

Oh, before I end this blog post, I just want to do a little mention of someone who I admire so much!! If you haven’t heard of her, her name is Tanya Burr – she is a fantastic YouTuber/beauty guru/person in general. Anyway, the lovely Tanya has just launched a range of nail polishes and lip glosses which are available on Feel – I was so excited for these products to be released, and knew they were going to be fantastic because Tanya is just so passionate about everything she does! The colours are just stunning, and I cannot wait for my purchases to come!! So if you haven’t already seen her videos, please YouTube Tanya Burr and have a browse – she’s such a lovely, cheery person, and will surely put a smile on your face if nothing else 🙂

So with that, I am going to end this post, this very random post! I will try to be more organised next week, and not leave a longer spell in between my blog posts again 🙂

Goodnight all 🙂 xox



Hi everyone!

I hope 2014 is treating you well so far?

I went shopping today! Ok, so I only bought 3 things, but I thought I would do a little blog on what I got and what I think of them. Can I just say that I have never done this kind of thing – beauty blogging. I am very much an amateur (as if you can’t guess!), so this is simply me giving my reviews of what I have purchased.

Ok, so the first thing I want to mention was actually a present I got for Christmas. My best friend got me the Benefit Groovy Kind-a-Love gift set. Firstly, I LOVE Benefit’s packaging!! The tin looks like this:

Benefit gift set


Just lovely! 🙂 And inside, we have:

Benefit Gift Set


Lots of little miniature goodies! If you haven’t seen this set, it comes with the Porefessional primer, Benetint, Dandellion and Gimme Fever blushers, a blush and eyebrow applicator, They’re Real mascara and four eye shadows, which are just stunning! I have now used everything in this set and I just love it, it is a fantastic gift for anyone to get a taste of Benefit products. For me, this is the first Benefits products I have owned, so was very excited when I opened my present! A special mention to the Porefessional, which is fantastic at diminishing pores. I have a lot of open pores on my face, particularly by the sides of my nose, and when I have this on they look so much better, and my skin looks that little bit more flawless. I would definitely recommend trying this out if you are worried about pores.

The next product I want to talk about is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation. I have been desperate to get a better foundation, but I’m the type of person who like to finish a bottle before I move on – waste not want not and all that jazz! I had read/heard some great reviews for this, so I really wanted to give it a try. I was a little bit apprehensive at the price of this (£28.50), as I’ve been used to drug store foundations. I spent a bit of time with one of the Estee Lauder consultants making sure I was getting the right shade for my complexion (I went for Intensity 1.0). This foundation is just lovely!!! It is a light foundation (does what it says on the tin), has great coverage and it looks very natural when applied. You don’t need to use a lot of product to get good coverage either, so it will last.

The next two products I purchased are from the Collection range (used to be Collection 2000). After hearing so much about the Lasting Perfection Concealer, I just had to get it and see what all the fuss was about. Really, at a mere £4.19, it really can’t go far wrong! I got it in shade 3 – Medium. This concealer definitely earns the great reviews it has had. It does have great coverage! I tend to have days where I get really bad blemishes, and this covers them up so well (I am currently having a few bad blemishes days, so it’s a great test for the concealer!). It doesn’t appear cakey at all on my skin, and it stays in place all day! What more could you ask for? I also purchased the Collection Bronze Glow in shade 01. Sunkissed. I haven’t heard/read anything about this bronzer, but I thought it looked rather lovely, so wanted to give it a try. It looks like this (with the Lasting Perfection concealer beside it):

Collection bronzer


I tried it out on my skin today, and it is lovely. It has a nice but subtle shimmer to it, which just gives you a lovely glow. I don’t use a lot of bronzing powder, but I will probably use this a lot as it looks so nice on the skin! It was around the £4 mark also, so once again I am not going to make any complaints about it at that price 🙂

So those are my reviews of what I bought, I hope they may be useful to some of you. As it is my birthday next week, I may be doing a bit of shopping after that, so I may do a haul blog, or maybe even a haul vlog! So watch this space – if I do a vlog, I will post a link to it in this blog.

So, yeah, that’s about it from me for tonight. I hope you enjoyed reading this and hearing my reviews! I will speak to you guys soon 🙂 x