Found my motivation

Hi everyone!

Since making my new year’s resolution to get healthier/fitter and lose weight, I had been struggling. I think with the general lack of motivation and the fact that I was constantly feeling very low didn’t help me one little bit. What I desperately needed was *cough* a kick up the arse! *cough* – or in other words, to find my motivation, get my mind in the right place to stick with my plans.

Well I am glad to say, I seem to have found it! Rejoice!!! I decided to buy an outfit in the size I would ultimately like to get down to and now have this hanging on my wall in my room. I never thought something so simple would work, but it seems to be doing the job of stopping me from bingeing on junk food or having a lazy day. When I look at that outfit now, my mind keeps telling me “you will fit into those!” It’s not even a “special” outfit, we’re talking a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. But just to see the size of my target outfit compared to my current clothes is really spurring me on 🙂

As I am a very organised person, I made a spreadsheet (come on, who doesn’t love a good old spreadsheet??) where I have all my stats listed and I can really keep track of what I’m losing/what I still have to lose. I’ve also planned all of my meals for the week. I was never keen to plan a whole week’s worth of meals before, because I’m the type of person that can change my mind at the last minute of what I actually want for my meals. I will admit I have switched a few meals around, but otherwise I have stuck to the plan perfectly. I’ve also reduced my portion sizes, going to the extreme of marking one of our dinner plates into sections to help me keep my portion sizes right! Also, I live with my parents at the moment, so if I’m lucky enough to have my mum make my dinner, she can use the plate as a guide too 🙂

I’ve also made sure that I have been out walking every day, and have managed at least 45 minute walks, with my mum and our dogs tagging along too. I am starting slowly with the exercise, and hope to build up to using our cross trainer and I’m also going to invest in a kettlebell to use regularly.

I haven’t had any fizzy juice or chocolate for a few days now, and I can’t even say I’m missing them right now. I mainly drink water throughout the day, but usually have a small glass or fresh orange juice with my lunch or dinner. I am a sucker for Bacon Tasty’s from Asda, so I bought some small freezer bags and have managed to get 10 small portions of these set aside as a snack if I am craving something sweet! If I’m honest, I could easily get through 3/4 of a bag of those before, so this is huge progress for me! I am also going to allow myself a day at the weekend where I can be less strict about my food and treat myself, for example if I fancy a takeaway, I will do this then. After all, everyone has to allow themselves a foodie treat every now and again right?

So things are definitely looking up on that front 🙂 I will be weighing myself once a week (each Saturday), and will update this blog every so often with my progress – it’s not going to turn into a weight loss blog though!

I am hoping to blog again next week with an update on the never ending job hunt!! There may be some good news on that front soon, but I don’t want to jinx anything, so I will leave it until I hear news 🙂

For now though, I will say goodnight, enjoy the rest of your weeks, and have a fantastic weekend!!! 🙂 xoxo